Azinam at International Petroleum Week – London

Selma Usiku, Head Exploration Geologist, presented the industry’s latest exploration hotspot – Walvis Basin, Offshore Namibia at the IP Week conference.


Selma’s presentation highlighted how, following recent giant oil and gas discoveries along the Atlantic margin including Brazil, Guyana, and Ghana, the industry has focused its attention on analogous plays in frontier regions such as offshore Namibia.

Namibia, despite being a resource rich country as the 4th largest exporter of non-fuel minerals globally, remains a frontier territory for the hydrocarbon industry with significantly underexplored potential.  Namibia’s geology has extreemly large and varied potential ranging from shallow to ultradeep plays. Namibia has a good operating environment and existing infrastructure such as the deep-water port and logistics hub at the coastal town of Walvis Bay and has one of the most attractive fiscal regimes in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Along with its long established regulatory regime set in a politically stable environment, Namibia’s legal framework and O&G code in general are considered to be investor friendly.

Selma explained how in the past 5 years Namibia has been unlocked from a technical perspective and in addition to the 2013 wildcats proving an active petroleum system in the Walvis basin, Namibia now holds one of the best seismic and well datasets.  Right now with the support of the government and investors old & new Azinam believe Namibia has reached a tipping point, and 2018 is the year Namibia’s hydrocarbon potential will be unlocked.

Selma also joined the panel discussion alongside Impact Oil & Gas, Amni International Petroleum Resources and Standard Chartered in the Realising the potential for Sub-Saharan Africa’s oil and gas industry.

To view the presentation PDF please click IP Week Presentation