Our assets

PEL 30

Licence Partners

Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas 32.5%
Azinam 32.5%
Tullow Oil 25%
Namcor 10%


Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas


Blocks 2012A

Geographical Area

Walvis Basin

Further Information

PEL 30 (Block 2012A) is located along the northern margin of the Walvis Basin and covers an area of 5817km2. The water depths over the block range from 200-1000m. Azinam and its partners acquired a 1092km2 3D Geostreamer survey over the main Osprey prospect in 2014.

The primary targets within the block are large Albian toe of slope fans and overlying Santonian channel complexes.

The main Osprey prospect is a toe of slope sand filled submarine fan lobe(s), which is sealed by lateral stratigraphic & updip pinch-out of the reservoir. The prospect covers over 170km2   and is Albian in age overlying the main Aptian oil source rock (proven by the Murombe well to the south) which is calculated to be oil mature.

In addition to the Osprey prospect there are an additional two prospects (Fan 2 and Fan 3) comprising the same play in close proximity to Osprey. Fan 2 lies along the eastern margin of the 3D seismic data and onlaps the western downdip extent of Osprey. Fan 3 is larger than Osprey but currently not covered by 3D seismic data.

This Albian play is estimated to hold over 1Bnbbl of recoverable resource within three prospects.

The Late Cretaceous Santonian channel play is characterised by channel networks with mounded tops suggesting differential compaction owing to sand fill. These are laterally sealed against shales in which they are encased. These well-developed channel systems extend from the shelf across paleo slope region and overly the C-T source rock interval.