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PEL 33

Licence Partners

Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas 60%
Azinam 30%
Namcor 10%


Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas


Blocks 2213A,B

Geographical Area

Walvis Basin

Further Information

PEL 33 (Block 2213A, 2213B) is located along the eastern margin of the Walvis Basin, covering an area of 5728km2. The block lies in water depths ranging from 200m-1000m. The licence is covered by a total of 2800km of 2D data.

Well 2213/6-1, drilled in this block, encountered a predominantly sandy Albian-Upper Cretaceous interval. The Wingat & Murombe wells were drilled in the adjacent PEL 23(Now PEL82) licence and encountered sands down dip at Albo-Aptian level (Ondongo sands – Wingat-1) as well as the Cenomanian level (Boabab sands – Murombe-1).

The main targets in this block include a number of clastic Aptian-Barremian stratigraphic wedge leads deposited within syn-rift grabens.