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PEL 44

Licence Partners

Maurel & Prom 42.5%
Azinam 42.5%
Namcor 8%
Livingstone Mining 4%
Frontier Minerals 3%


Maurel & Prom


Blocks 2212B

Geographical Area

Walvis Basin

Further Information

PEL 44 (Block 2212B) in the Walvis Basin, covers an area of 5722km2 and lies in water depths ranging from 500m-2500m. The block is located approximately 40km South of the Wingat & Murombe wells drilled in PEL 23. This block is covered by a total of 3,150km2 3D and 1780km of 2D seismic data all of which is high quality Geostreamer.

The main targets in PEL 44 are several significant stratigraphic and structural leads formed by slope channels at the Cenomanian-Coniacian level. These typically range between 60-50km2 in size.

PEL 44 also hosts a number of Albian channel leads, defined by both stratigraphic and structural traps, with these reservoirs potentially being sourced from and interbedded within Aptian mature source rock interval.