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PEL 45

Licence Partners

Maurel & Prom 42.5%
Azinam 42.5%
Namcor 8%
Livingstone Mining 4%
Frontier Minerals 3%


Maurel & Prom


Blocks 2313A,B; 2413B

Geographical Area

Walvis & Luderitz Basin

Further Information

PEL 45 (Block 2313A,B and 2413B) in the Walvis Basin and northern margin of the Luderitz Basin, covers an area of 17133km2 and lies in water depths ranging 200m-1000m. This block is covered by a total of 4700km of 2D seismic data.

The primary targets within PEL 45 include Campanian and Cenomanian-Turonian turbidite channel leads, Aptian turbidite sands in stratigraphic traps as well Mass transport complexes in the Upper Cretaceous. Well 2313/5-1 drilled in this block encountered sand rich intervals in the Late Middle Campanian and Late Albian.

Extensive Channel prospects and leads in this acreage are typically defined by stratigraphic closures and are located in a part of the Basin where the Cenomanian-Turonian interval is predicted to be oil generating so there is a dual source system with both the Aptian (proven by the Murombe well to the north) and Cenomanian-Turonian being active source units.